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I Can’t Believe It…. I’m Pregnant !!

by le.gibet

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for several years without success. I am fast approaching 40 and after several attempts at IVF treatment and the doctor telling me “it’s unlikely I will succeed” we gave up.

2 years later I found out about Plant Derived Minerals. I was very interested as I was having some problems with joint pain. A couple of months after taking plant derived minerals I noticed my clothes were very getting very tight. I also couldn’t remember the last time I had my monthly “woman’s problem” (very irregular anyway). Then the unthinkable came to mind, and I thought NO WAY !!

To cut a long story short… I went to see the doctor, and I’m pregnant… I can’t believe it !!

I have now heard of 2 other women with similar stories. I suppose it makes sense really when you understand the importance of plant derived minerals. It’s logical, if the body doesn’t have the building blocks to repair and make new cells, how is it going to make a healthy baby ?

Since researching I also understand that the reason women crave strange things when they are pregnant (like eating coal) is because the body is craving MINERALS.

The same is true for people who struggle to lose weight and keep eating. Again, it’s because the body is craving MINERALS. If you eat a pizza or other ’empty food’, the body is still starving for minerals, so you feel hungry even though you’ve already eaten. You are full but your body is starving of MINERALS.

This is a true miracle for me and my husband…. SO HAPPY ! 🙂


PS. My joint pain has gone…

PPS. Both me and my husband took plant derived minerals before I got pregnant.

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