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Heart Issues & Blood Pressure!

by le.gibet

My husband and I are in our seventies and last year was our lucky year (lucky we survived it as we both ended up having heart operations) but this year is so very much improved as we are both feeling renewed health now.

His blood pressure is getting lower and mine is getting higher, absolutely fabulous!

I have had low blood pressure for many years which can be a nuisance even when not life-threatening but is not treated generally in the UK. My husband’s BP has always been hereditarily high, culminating in four heart attacks and a triple bypass and even medication does not bring it down where it should be but Plant Derived Minerals are achieving what the drugs can’t !

We have always taken a great assortment of supplements but plant derived minerals, krill oil and vitamins not only achieve so much, much more but work out cheaper too! Plus it doesn’t take half an hour every day to take all our tablets etc!

Hair, nails and skin all look and feel better and stronger and so many aches and pains have disappeared. We are so pleased to be looking forward to a healthy and active old age (about 20- 40 years in the future, I believe) with the help of our “plant mineral friends”.

Gordon & Coreen Haynes

Devon, UK.

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