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High Blood Pressure

by le.gibet

I am a 60-year-old retired teacher and was diagnosed with very high blood pressure two years ago. Since then, although medication has stabilised my blood pressure, I was feeling generally run-down and seemed to be succumbing to chest infections that took longer and longer to recover from. I was tired all the time and finding it difficult just to climb up stairs. Running for a bus was out of the question!

Since 20th June I have been taking Plant Derived Minerals daily. Six days later I took on a summer teaching job that was very demanding. I am amazed at how I managed 7 weeks of early starts, long hours, challenging workloads and boisterous teenagers, as well as physical aspects like carrying heavy containers full of iPad’s as well as textbooks and paperwork. Most other teachers were considerably younger than me, and some of them were finding the job too exhausting and resigning or taking time off sick.

I remember noticing an enjoyable feeling of wellbeing (I had almost forgotten how that felt!) after about ten days of daily plant minerals. Whereas I had previously suffered interrupted sleep patterns, I now sleep soundly every night.

After some weeks I noticed I was bounding upstairs and was well able to sprint to bus-stops. Others have noticed this too, and I have had compliments saying I look younger than my true age.

I am so glad I decided to give these supplements a good trial. The way I see it, our bodies’ immune systems are like an army that has to fight off threats to our health (viruses, infections, tissue damage, free radicals, pollution, aggressive chemicals etc.). Who was it who said “an army fights on its stomach?” Well, it seems the rich supply of plant-based minerals that these wafers contain, are exactly the “food” this “army” needs to do its job.

An added bonus is that I have noticed my hair is softer and shinier (though I have not changed my shampoo), my nails are stronger and glossier and seem to grow more quickly and break less easily.

Will I continue to take the Plant Minerals daily?

You bet I will!

First thing I do after waking is pop one into a small beaker and drink when dissolved. Often I squeeze half a lime or lemon into it to give me that fresh Vitamin C zest to cleanse my palate. When working I take a flask with me to sip throughout the day.

Virginia Hill-Kassell St Leonards On Sea

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