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by le.gibet

“Star Pupil at the Surgery!”

I have just been to the GP surgery for my annual diabetic review which, ever since I was diagnosed five years ago, has been an out-and-out disaster. I knew things were well on the mend even a few weeks after taking Plant Derived Minerals, but WOW, WOWITY, WOW, WOW, WOW… I am the “star pupil” at the surgery today. Nurses I had never met before were called in to witness the improvement in my results:

Blood Sugar Count 5.6 – Normal

Cholesterol 4.6 – Normal

Liver Function Tests – Normal

Rheumatism Factor – Normal

Glaucoma Eye Pressures – Normal

Blood Pressure (the constant bête noir) –  NORMAL!!!

Weight – Down 5kg – Normal

 …and so it went on!

 ALL of them had to be shown the earlier results to prove the dramatic changes which had taken place. My GP was congratulating me on the improvements… something I never thought I’d ever hear. My specialist nurse was saying what a pleasure it was to relay such results rather than being the normal doom and gloom and “must-do-better-or-you’ll-die” merchant she has to be normally.

I am 100% convinced all this has come about thanks to taking Plant Derived Minerals. I just want to go out and let EVERYBODY know how wonderful these health giving supplements are.

Fergus, Middlesex – UK

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