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Geraniums & Tomatoes – Spot The Difference

by le.gibet

By now it is a well-known fact that I am a keen hobby gardener and do go absolutely “potty” when it comes to plants and flowers in- and outside of the house. Of course being able to grow a few healthy and really nutritious vegetables fed with our Plant Derived Minerals is the icing on the cake.

When I prepared the soil last year with the plant derived minerals, I already knew what was coming but for the first time I actually did an experiment with some of the plants and took some pictures. This was really to show and remind myself what actually happens and put it on record as one does forget and doesn’t realise until you see the result standing side by side. To remind you all and for the benefit of all, here are the two “famous” pictures again for you to spot the difference !!








Phew… you see, when I look at these pictures it just gets me going again. Every nerve in the body starts tingling with such an excited, overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and pride. Just think for a minute… this is proof, not just talk, not hear-say, it is REAL fact!!!

This clearly shows what difference it makes when we feed our body and plants with the Pre-historic Plant Derived Minerals to look and feel healthy. One can only imagine what happens to our body when we starve it for years on end of good, essential nutrition. What’s more frustrating is the fact that in most cases it isn’t even our fault at all. We try as hard as we can to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, because we are made to believe by authorities that this is the answer to prevent all of ill health, when in fact this is not true anymore.

The soils around the world which were once rich in minerals are now no longer fertile or able to provide the level of nutrition it takes to grow any form of quality fruit or vegetable. To add insult to injury, the intensive farming practices, use of pesticides, weed killers, hormones, antibiotics etc. of today’s modern farmer have all taken their toll in depleting the once rich soils of our world and literally producing “plastic” foodstuffs. Some people might even say, as this has happened to us on a number of occasions, what about organic food? I only buy organic fruit, vegetables and meat so I do not need to take any daily plant mineral supplementation. Well… just think… of course it is better to eat organic produce, but let’s get real about this – and in simple terms…

“If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the produce that grows in that soil, so it’s not in YOU”

It’s true to say about organic foods where there are not “nasties” put into the soils, but what about minerals? again… “if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the produce that grows in that soil, so it’s not in YOU” – it’s not rocket science, it’s pretty simple !

Just Because Food is Organically Grown – It DOES NOT mean that it’s more healthy – it means that it’s going to do you LESS HARM!!! (that is how we look at it anyway). It’s just basic common sense… Again, just look at the above pictures, unless we are in absolute denial, it clearly shows there is nothing left in the soil for any plants to grow healthily. Of course the next question is, how can we be healthy and/or stay healthy if we do not provide our body with the essential nutrition i.e. eat virtually “empty” fruit and vegetables, it so desperately needs??? Really…. just stop, open your mind and think for a while….

Of course this year as every year that I have used the plant derived minerals, the crop and taste of the fruit and vegetables has again been outstanding. When we have fed our plants with the plant derived minerals, close our eyes and eat a tomato or strawberry, you will be most surprised to find that for the first time in years we CAN ACTUALLY TASTE that we are eating a tomato or strawberry. Whereas – just try this yourself – when you close your eyes and eat a tomato, strawberry etc. bought from a supermarket you won’t even be able to guess what you are eating. It could just be anything, there is no taste left whatsoever, you might as well eat a hand full of sand!…

Again… this is due to the lack of nutrition. As far as the crop is concerned, another extra ordinary thing happens. You will find that the fruit and vegetables just keep producing and producing. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t believe it when the strawberries just didn’t want to give up producing fruit well into the middle of October.

The plants and fruits were so huge that I just had to keep looking at them in disbelief. Now I beg the question, where have you ever heard of anything like this???… My gran used to have a strawberry plantation when we were children and even in those days when the soil was still a little bit better, we never ever had naturally grown strawberries after August. And believe you me… she never fertilised artificially either. Everything was recycled, home grown and natural.

Another incredible thing happened, the chillies are still on the shrub, outside in the freezing cold, rain and storms, but hey… they just do not want to give up the “ghost”… Whenever I look at them, they look back at me with their firey red coats as if they want to say… “hey you… we are still growing strong and don’t you dare throw us out of the pot, we are not done yet!”

I do realize that not everyone gets excited about growing a few healthy vegetables but we surely can take this thought a step further. What if every farmer would start using our plant derived minerals? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy produce which tastes great again and more importantly would truly be very healthy and beneficial indeed? Then it would make real sense to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to stay healthy.

Phew… as you can see, I could just go on forever… it is really so exciting. Some of you who have a little garden or vegetable plot have phoned us this year with your own incredible story of how the plant derived minerals have done their wonderful job of producing tasty and healthy bumper crops. I would like to thank you all for sharing the excitement and inspiration with us. It really doesn’t get any better than this, knowing that we are able to – in some cases for the first time ever – provide the soil with some REAL NUTRITION (plant derived minerals).

This also shows that some of us have been educated in helping ourselves to live a healthier life and now it is the time to start educating everybody around us and around the globe for that matter. I know, the future is going to be “THE FUTURE” in this business of spreading the word about Plant Derived Minerals, many positive, wonderful and heart-warming stories and it is going to be a real blast, that’s for sure!…

Adele Sharpe – Gedling


Tomato plants

All were given the same organic fertliser … the one on the right was given plant minerals as well ….













Gary Whittaker – Wales

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