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Branch Retina Vein Occlusion – No More Injections Required

by le.gibet

For the past nine months I have been a patient at Moorfields eye hospital. I had a branch retina vein occlusion in my right eye (A haemorrhage or bleed).

I have had four injections in my eye to reduce the fluid build up to save my sight. Last month the fluid had returned and today, I was booked in to have another horrid injection.

Ecstatic does not adequately describe how I felt when the surprised consultant told me that the fluid had gone and I did not need another injection!

I heard that an elderly lady, with the same condition, had been told she needed injections for life but plant derived minerals had stopped the need for any more injections. Incredible that I had the same result today in my third month of taking these plant minerals!

The fluid has gone, yet I was told that injections were the only way to achieve this!

It is obvious to me that the body has healed itself as a result of absorbing the plant minerals it had been crying out for.

Sarah Meers

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