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Osteoarthritis – Little or NO Pain in Just a Few Short Weeks

by le.gibet

I was introduced to ‘plant derived minerals’ and after reading up on the effects of mineral deficiency it all made sense! I started taking my daily plant minerals, which was a pleasant experience in itself. Since then things have happened to me that are truly amazing.

I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hands for over fifteen years with restrictive movement in my fingers… and it was getting worse. In just a few short weeks of taking the plant minerals daily, I now have little or no pain in my hands or fingers and this is only the beginning!

I also suffer from type 2 diabetes which was becoming more and more prevalent. Some of the symptoms are swollen feet and night-time pain. Well I am so happy to say that since taking the plant minerals I now have no pain in my feet and the swelling has reduced dramatically. Not quite back to normal but after only a few weeks… this is remarkable!

I also had a very poor sleep pattern waking up at all sorts of silly hours in the night. The knock on effect was that I needed an afternoon nap every day. Not anymore! Thanks to my plant minerals I now sleep ‘like a baby’ all night long and the afternoon naps are a thing of the past. So my life and health is on the up an up.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to the fantastic world of health that plant derived minerals brings.

Fred, UK

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