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Aches and Pains Improved

by le.gibet

I have suffered with pain in my knees for many years, football, cricket, squash, and I am now an indoor bowler.

For years when I have bowled I have to take pain killers 20/30 mins into the game, in the last 2 weeks I have bowled about 10/12 games ( 2hrs per game ) and I have taken a party of handicapped people for a 2 hour coaching session. In all that time my co-codamol tablets have stayed in my locker.

Also due to broken bone in my wrist from 47yrs ago I haven’t been able to bend my right thumb across to my little finger, I can now. As well as these two, for years I haven’t been able to move my left arm above my head when sleeping face down, guess what, I can now – all because of me taking plant derived minerals.

Roy Colebourn

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