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Sorry You Can’t Have Children

by le.gibet

This is a testimonial not about me but about my friend. She has had some surgery in the past when she was younger and was told that she could never have children. However, she did try but to no avail. She was very unhappy at the time but then decided to pursue a career instead. She is a very successful woman but is childless.

She kept telling me about plant derived minerals and how great they are for health and also performance (she is a bit of a ‘Gym Bunny’). In fact, her grandparents had fantastic results too (not for pregnancy obviously lol). Anyway… the amazing news is that she has just found out she is pregnant. The only thing she has changed in her life is that she takes plant derived minerals every day.

I hope this information helps many other women out there !

With Love…
Mary – London, UK

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