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Goodbye Glasses

by le.gibet

I am so happy right now and I just can’t go without sharing this with you all. I have been taking plant derived minerals for over a month now and I discovered after approximately 2 weeks I was getting serve headaches and my eyes were really aching too. This only occurred when I was out driving. Now the only difference when I’m driving is I wear glasses as short sighted. Anyway I found the cause to my headaches and eye ache and that was my glasses. I discovered by accident that when I took them off I could actually see far better than wearing them and putting them on everything became blurry. So from that point on I stopped wearing my glasses and I discovered I was reading car number plates, signs from a long distance away something I have never been able to do before without glasses.

Today I went to the optometrist and she was amazed that my eyes had changed so much within a month and asked what I had been doing. She said the only time had she seen someone’s eyes get better is if they changed their job from office work and looking at a computer all day to none computer or close up work. Well I certainly haven’t changed jobs or done anything different except take the plant minerals.

She was examining my eyes going “interesting” and I just smiled she said at the end “well you must have a secret and whatever it is it’s remarkable your eyes have improved this much you definitely don’t need your glasses anymore for driving”.

I’ve read so many testimonials about the amazing health results from taking plant derived minerals and now I have my very own.

Good bye glasses and thank you plant minerals !!

Hannah Walter

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