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Arthritic Conditions Improved

by le.gibet

Just have to give the success story of my dog!

She’s 12yrs old and has been getting progressively arthritic for the past 2 yrs and had somewhat been slowing down – that was until 2.5 weeks ago when I started her on the powdered Plant Derived Minerals.

The changes must have been so gradual that I didn’t notice till about 2 to 3 days ago when suddenly I noticed a significant difference in her; very bouncy with a great energy emanating from her, more interested and interactive, happier, coat feeling silky, an amazing difference in movement and getting up, but what’s amazed me more than anything is her sudden ability to jump into the back of my 4×4 which she’s struggled with the past year or so and I normally have to support her, it’s so wonderful to see her so happy!

Thank you!

Joanna Angell

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