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Herbie Our Amazing Rabbit

by le.gibet

We have a pet rabbit named Herbie and he is 8 years old. We really love our pet Herbie but know that he is getting on a bit in rabbit years.

We went out one day to see him and he wasn’t his usual self. He was just lying around not jumping about and eager to greet us like he usually did. So we thought we had better prepare ourselves for the worse and that maybe we would not have him much longer. It was a heart-breaking thought because he had brought so much joy into our lives and was more a part of our family than just a pet.

The next day my husband Alan went out and Herbie was still just lying around, so he came up with the idea that maybe we should try Herbie on Plant Derived Minerals. It worked for us so maybe it would help our dear Herbie. So he mixed up a small bottle of natural mineral and decided to add a little each day to Herbie’s water.

When we went out the next day to feed Herbie he came running up to us and jumping about like his old self!!! It was amazing, he was just like his young self again!! We keep the mineral in the fridge and Herbie drinks a whole bottle of his water a day with added plant minerals. He is so much improved and runs about now and is enjoying his food again and enjoying life.

We would not have believed it possible but he is proof positive that the Plant Derived Minerals supplement does not just work on people, It’s great for animals too. And we are so delighted to have our happy, playful Herbie back again.

Alan & Rose Fox

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