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Happy Huskies

by le.gibet

“We are a very successful sprint racing/showing kennel based on the Isle of Wight. Competing at the level we do, as with all athletes our dogs have to be in the best condition and be able to maintain a very high level of fitness. When we were first introduced to Plant Derived Minerals we were a little sceptical, but that did not last for long; animals cannot experience the placebo effect, and after only being on the plant minerals a short while we are thrilled at the difference it has made to their general wellbeing.

Our dogs range in age from 18 months to 14 years old and are all generally in very good health, but of late our 14-year-old male has been suffering with quite bad arthritis which had limited his mobility a lot, he was taking a long time to get to his feet and only really walking around, but since being on the plant minerals for a short while the transformation we have seen in him is amazing !

He can now get up in one movement, he is running around and even jumping about and playing with the other dogs, also he had begun to consume a lot of water which at his age is quite a worry as this can indicate all sorts of problems but again since being on the plant minerals his drinking habits have returned to normal which is a great relief.

Other benefits we have seen in our dogs are increased energy levels especially when running, and quicker recovery after they have run. After moulting their new coats seem to be growing back a lot faster and the overall condition and quality of their coats has improved.

Although all of our dogs are or have been part of our racing teams performing at the highest level, first and foremost they are our beloved four legged family and deserve the very best we can provide for them. I firmly believe that by giving them the plant minerals it has improved their quality of life, and we are so impressed with the results that we are now taking them ourselves”.

Sharon & Martin Bradley – ‘Snostopin’ Siberian Huskies

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