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Type 2 Diabetic – Most Symptoms Disappeared

by le.gibet

I am a tablet controlled Type 2 diabetic. When originally diagnosed about 3 years ago my BM was 17.7 mmol. I was placed on METFORMIN 500 mg b.d (twice daily). I was experiencing tiredness, headaches, watering / stinging eyes, lower leg pains, itching, constant colds and flu to name a few.

I started to take Plant Derived Minerals in a wafer tablet which contains 75 minerals. Since taking these plant minerals most of my symptoms have disappeared and I am now only taking one 500 mg Metformin daily. My last three Hb1Ac readings have been normal and within range.

I have been told by the diabetic nurse that if my next reading is normal that I can come off all my medication. This product has certainly helped me.


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