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NO Back Pain – First Time in 5 Years

by le.gibet

I have always taken loads of supplements and try to source the best quality I can find.

Anyway, for the last 5 years I have had “screwed knees” I’m sure that’s a medical term J I damaged them when I fell during a battle wearing full Viking armour (don’t ask!) and had bad injuries whilst training for my black belt in karate. Torn LCL’s in both knees and a meniscus tear in my left.

For those 5 years I have been in constant pain, of varying degrees, spent THOUSANDS on physio and the only option left to me was surgery, said my knee specialist. I don’t want surgery so I just had to shut up and put up with it and give up my beloved karate.

I am qualified in sports nutrition and so knew all the best supplements to take, Glucosamine sulphate, Vit C, Antioxidants, multi Vitamins, omega 3’s and a balanced multi mineral formula.

Then I received a phone call telling me about these “amazing minerals!” OK, thought I, I’ve heard this all before but hey, the formula I was using wasn’t having any effect on my knees after 5 years of use so I may as well give them a try.

Now you have to realise my diet and supplementation was/is spot on. I took, and still do, all the supplements in therapeutic doses and the ONLY thing I have changed is my multi minerals formula from what I was using to “Plant Derived Minerals”

How am I feeling now? Practically no pain in my knees for the first time in 5 years! I was unable to sit at my desk with my knees bent for more than a few minutes without experiencing a sickening dull ache in both knees. Going down stairs was always painful with loud clicks that other folks could hear too! Now it doesn’t hurt … but I still click BUT

NO PAIN! First time in 5 years!

I had given up all hope of ever gaining my karate black belt (only one grading to go!) but this week I thought; “Hey, maybe, in a few month’s time, I could return to karate….. again!” Well I’ll have to see how things go for that, maybe at 51 I won’t recover enough for that but just being free from pain is a blessing.

This improvement in my opinion, MUST be down to the Plant Derived Minerals!

Dan (The Viking) Potts

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