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Through the Mind of a Pet

by le.gibet

My name is Misty, I have lived the past thirteen years – together with my brother “Stupsi” – in the loving and caring home of Adele and Tony (ok, you may laugh at that last line).

Ever since I can remember, although I am a very proud, good and strong boned looking fellow, many bouts of being ill has been the story of my entire life. Although my brother “Stupsi” is and always has been a very fragile looking cat, he has never really been ill at all. I must admit that I do get into all sorts of mischief, being knocked around by cars, fight with other tom cats, or simply just putting my nose where it doesn’t belong. So really, in that respect I haven’t learned a thing since I was born.

The one thing that has always really annoyed me my whole life is that I have had to vomit at least every 2-3 days. Whatever “mother” Adele tried to do or figure out how to help me, nothing helped! It was a puzzle as to why this kept happening! Not a very nice thing for myself nor anyone around, forever having to have someone clean up the mess as I couldn’t do it myself, haha…

One day, I remember (as if it was yesterday)… all of a sudden, some strange tasting “white powder” appeared in my food. This was so weird… I actually thought to myself, what the heck is Adele doing to me??? She is surely trying to kill me because she cannot stand me being sick anymore. Ghee whizz… trying to eat that food was really disgusting, there was no way that this was going down my throat!!! It was time to walk off without eating that horrid food. My head and nose held up high, promising myself to never eat again as long as this “white powder” kept appearing in my grub. Guess what???… I mean… you just wouldn’t believe it… Adele even tried to fool me mixing it together with the food, like she was hiding something??? Oh no… I wasn’t having any of it… I am not a stupid cat… I had been watching Adele from a distance and of course saw with my sharp cat eyes what she was doing. I just knew, even before the food bowl was on the floor, I didn’t even have to put my nose close to it. Oh boy, oh boy… same procedure as last time, needed to pull my tail in, run a mile, hiding for hours to make sure she couldn’t find me. I was safe for another day, thinking to myself… thank heavens I have got away with my life in tact again… no chance for her killing me with that nonsense!!!

Well, the story goes on, every now and then I noticed that there was some different taste in my food, a bit like “lemon/lime”, “natural” or “cooking powder”, any of which was just too horrible for my taste buds to bear. I just couldn’t eat it nor understand what was going on, I would rather die from starvation instead of being killed. So often I thought, where was all that scrumptious, plain fish and chicken? What the heck was Adele trying to do to me? I was ill, why would she want to make me even more ill? I was sure everyone in the Sharpe’s home was going crazy and lost the plot.

But then, after all the struggles of surviving… one day, when I was very thirsty, very carefully trying to drink my water I noticed something different, actually quite pleasant tasting. There was this hint of “cherry berry” flavour, mmmm… wondered what it was and couldn’t really figure it out at all. Why was there this turn around all of a sudden??? Had Adele given up trying to kill me at last? Moving very slowly to my food to see whether that was different as well. Mmmmm… not bad at all… I could even taste a hint of this new mixture in my food. I decided then that there was no need to run away again… in fact, this was really enjoyable. Nowadays, there is no food left in the bowl, all eaten… not a crumb left behind… Adele really wouldn’t have had to clean my dish as I always left it sparkling clean.

Well… this was a few month ago, and guess what???… I have not been sick since, no more vomiting at all. My cat life has turned around completely and is so “purrrfect” in every sense. I just cannot believe it myself… Now then… I started trusting Adele again and have started “stealing” her Omega-3 Krill Oil every morning, since then. You wouldn’t believe how I look now compared to a few months ago. My coat has become so shiny and I feel so much better, healthier and happier. Now… I am even a better looking fellow than I ever was. But… I still put my nose where it doesn’t belong, I guess that’s just a cat’s life!

I just wish I could “speak” and tell all my animal friends and their owners to get some of this brilliant “stuff” to make them feel as healthy and happy as I am. Now… my life is just “purrrfect” all of the time and I am looking forward to many healthy years of happiness to come, prrrrrrrrrr.

Misty the Cat

To end this story of Misty, he lived to the age of 18 being a very healthy cat, has never seen a vet in his life. I believe he would still be here but unfortunately was run over by a car. When the vet saw him, he could not believe that Misty was 18 years of age as he commented how well he still looked!

Plant Derived Minerals (or miracles as I like to call them) are truly amazing. Nature really can heal everything.

Adele Sharpe – Nottingham England

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