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Racehorse Benefits

Racehorses Find Profound Benefits with Plant Derived Minerals

by le.gibet

I have bred racehorses and raced them for the past 40 years. I can honestly say I wish I had “Plant Derived Minerals” when I started to race them. I have also seen the profound benefits of “Plant Derived Minerals” in humans.

Here are some of the benefits I have seen in our four legged friends.

  • It stops coughing and respiratory distress
  • They look well and their coat is perfect
  • They gallop faster and longer
  • Their bone structure is enhanced
  • They are slower to get shin sore –  Cuts heal faster
  • Their lungs are stronger
  • Performance is improved

Before Taking Plant Minerals – 2 horses (7 – 8 years)

  1. They never won a race
  2. They were coughing, one had coughed for 4 and a half years

Horses who have never won in their lives are winning; some even if the trainer does not want them to. I am so happy with the results. Over 40 years I have been trained in horse management and horticultural principles. Horses on “Plant Derived Minerals!” after the race, blood proves negative for any banned substances [The blood is perfect].

Anthony Twohill – Singapore

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