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Migraines Ended

by le.gibet

I am a retired health professional and my wife has had daily/weekly severe right sided headaches with associated right side facial paraesthesia and pain tracking through the Trigeminal Nerve into her teeth and gums often with accompanying visual disturbances (Auras with loss of vision) which has been getting progressively worse over the past few years, so much so that my wife was experiencing 3 episodes per week, and I sent her for a CT scan, thankfully nothing abnormal was found, but still left us with the migraines.

My wife started taking the Plant Derived Minerals, directly after the results; two days later we were in the kitchen and my wife came in saying that there had been “a very loud whoosh in her right ear”, since then (18 months ago) there has only been one further episode and that was when we were away from home for a month without the minerals!!

My wife has not been on any medication, no diet changes, and her lifestyle if anything over this period has been more stressful looking after the grand children, she has just continued with the minerals daily…..

I have to say these have been absolutely life changing.

Brian Howard D.O. – United Kingdom

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